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Thursday, March 15, 2018


{This is the original story copy as it appeared during the situation near midnight 3/14/18}


(Joplin MO) — Joplin Police Department have confirmed with Joplin News First they are currently in an active situation and have no comment at this time. However the public should not be alarmed.

At the very beginning of our LIVE! cast you can see a vehicle pull up. It's a JPD patrol wagon, where they appear to load up multiple people and transport.

According to eyewitnesses in this unnamed neighborhood it’s a shady house with a ‘whole lotta traffic’. So this could possibly be a warrant being served on a residence.

You can see the Metro Emergency Transport System/METS ambulance on standby in case there are any injuries to officers or occupants.

JPD will communicate with Joplin News First after the scene is clear and secure. We will have more details as they become available or whenever it becomes appropriate to release them.

Thanks for the anonymous tipsters tonight. You are all Joplin News First.

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