Thursday, September 21, 2017

Shots Fired Inside Residence on S St Louis - Capt Duncan Interview

Shots Fired Inside a Residence
- 45 minute Stand Off is Over
- No injuries, Suspect In Custody 
- Capt Trevor Duncan LIVE! Interview

(64801) -- Joplin News First tipster and friend, Paul, let us know about police activity and the road blocked on St Louis between Broadway and 3rd. 

We were the first to tell you about 'shots fired in a residence' and to stay away from the area for your safety. 

During our live broadcast we were interrupted by a call from JPD informing us at 5:06 pm JPD received a call of shots fired in a residence at 132 S St Louis. According to eyewitnesses on the scene there were adults and children in the residence. 

Everyone - children included - left the residence but one person remained behind. It appeared to be a stand off with one individual who would not leave the residence. You could hear police using a bullhorn during the 45 minute stand off. 

Capt Trevor Duncan of JPD spoke exclusively with Shannon Becker then on camera.

The suspect was taken into custody. There are no reported injuries and traffic would resume quickly. 

Here is the official statement that was posted on social media by JPD while we were still live on the scene. 


Traffic Alert

Update: roadway is being cleared, a shooting suspect is in custody. No reported injuries at this time and an investigation is underway. Original call was a shooting inside the residence at 132 South St. Louis. Full details will be released tomorrow. 

St. Louis is shut down from 3rd to Central for Police Activity. Avoid the area

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[Joplin News First apologize for the shaky video and audio track doesn't match the video. However it's the perils of reporting LIVE! to keep you informed. We report of where you live, because it's where we live too]