Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I-44 Closed Overnight for the First of Three Overnights

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NO FOUL PLAY After Autopsy Conducted in Kansas City

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Speaks on Tax Relief for Joplin Families in Joplin

-Thanks NewsTalk 1310 KZRG for Sharing Your Broadcast
-Topic? Tax Reductions for MO Families
(64801) — Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is speaking in Joplin at the Lozier Corp. It's regarding his proposed Tax Relief for MO families.
Joplin is among his other stops across the state including: Springfield, Macon, Palmyra, Jackson and Kansas City in a series of stops to promote these tax cuts for working families.
In a statement the Governor says, “This tax plan puts working families first, and it's a better deal for all Missourians because it rewards businesses for hiring people in Missouri."

Missouri Governor Greitens Speaks in Joplin Today

2 Vehicle Car Crash Slows East 32nd This Morning

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Joplin's Safest Neighborhoods According to NeighborhoodScout

(64804/64801) -- Are you moving? Buying a house? Opening a business? Or just nosy? Make informed decisions rapidly by using the reports from NeighborhoodScout.

Safest Joplin Neighborhoods
  1. North Main/NW Murphy Blvd
  2. Saginaw/Silver Creek
  3. Grand Falls Plaza/Mercy
  4. Oakland Park
  5. Iron Gates
According to the website NeighborhoodScout, their information “reveals the safety from crime for every neighborhood in America.”

Copyright © 2000-2018 Location Inc®. All the trademarks displayed on this page are the property of Location, Inc®. The NeighborhoodScout® search engine is covered under US Patents No. 7,043,501 and 7,680,859. Our nationally-comparable school ratings are covered under US Patent No. 8,376,755. Other US patent applications are currently pending.
CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW NeighborhoodScout for Joplin, MO

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Protecting Your HOUSE OF WORSHIP From An Active Shooter - Jasper Co Sheriff's Dept

Handout to attendees (4 pages)

Have Coffee with the Chief! He's an FBI National Academy Graduate...

(64801) -- Joplin Police Department, Chief of Police, Matt Stewart, will be at Beckett's Cafe on the 'Coffee with the Chief' tour. If you can't get him on the twitter @JPD_Chief (we believe his favorite form of communiqué) you can find him today at 705 S Illinois next to Tropical Tan 7:15 - 8:00. Read more below about this FBI National Academy graduate...

Read more below but follow the Chief on twitter @JPD_Chief
From our friends The Joplin Globe:
Stewart has been a police officer since 2000, when he joined the Joplin Police Department. He was named assistant chief in 2014, overseeing daily operations and the department's budget.
Before he became the assistant chief, Stewart held the rank of captain and was commander of the department's Support Services Bureau from 2011 until 2014. He was a sergeant from 2006 until 2011, serving a year as the department's training sergeant, two years in internal affairs and two years in the investigations division.
In the years 2003 through 2006, he served as a corporal in the department's patrol division. He also was on the department's SWAT team and was the SWAT team leader for several years.
“Throughout his career, Stewart has exemplified solid leadership and customer service skills necessary for a top law enforcement official,” the city manager said in a statement. “He brings a great deal of experience to the position and will continue to uphold the department’s mission in serving and protecting the public.”
Stewart holds associate and bachelor's degrees from Missouri Southern State University and obtained a master of science degree in criminal justice from MSSU and Southeast Missouri State University. He also is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Roundabout S Main the Site of a Motorcycle Fatality Crash

Motorcycle Fatality at the S Main Roundabout -Single Male Rider Going North -Pronounced Dead on Scene (64804) – This morning around 12:30 a single motorcycle crash resulted in a fatality at the 50th and South Main Street roundabout. Joplin Police Department exclusively tell Joplin News First, “Northbound motorcycle failed to negotiate the roundabout at 50th and Main. Single male rider was ejected and pronounced dead." Newton County coroner, Dale Owen, responded to the scene. He tells Joplin News First today that next of kin has been notified but any further information will be coming from the Joplin Police Department. According to eyewitnesses and Joplin News First tipsters there was another rider on a separate motorcycle who refused medical treatment and was thought to not be involved in the crash fatality. The name of the single male rider is not being released at this time. Joplin Police Department tell us additionally that the traffic department is still doing their preliminary investigation which is a part of many crashes and a detailed report is always filed when it involves a fatality. More details will be released tomorrow. But when you want to know ‘first, it’s Joplin News First.
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Roundabout @ South Main Site of Motorcycle Fatality Early Sunday Morning

Do You Know the Source of the BOOM/EXPLOSION/GUNFIRE Late Saturday around 11:00 pm?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Driving Around Big Trucks - I-44 Crash - www.savemolives.org

New Guidelines for #JPDIncidentSpotlight - R.I.P. It is DEAD.

(64804/64801) -- In a post from the Fraternal Order of Police Southwest Missouri Regional Lodge #27 Joplin News First have been given permission to re-post the email to Joplin City Employees.
In the image you will see the actual 'pollyanna' words and 'new guidelines' that will now prevent the Joplin Police Department from continuing the #JPDIncidentSpotlight.
Actual email sent to Joplin City Employees obtained from #SWMOFOP
The Fraternal Order of Police Southwest Missouri Regional Lodge #27 is part of the national Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) consisting of sworn law enforcement officers in the US.

"The organization attempts to improve the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those they serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation." - #FOP
#ripJPDIncidentSpotlight #theblaze #bluelivesmatter #supportjpd 

- - - -originalcityemail&anselm&inpart- - - -

Is it true?
Is it helpful?
Is it inspiring?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?
If you can't answer with a definitive yes to any or all of these questions, please consider whether you truly need to publish that post.  There's enough [sic] cyberbullying and negativity online without us adding to it, intentionally or unintentionally. 
If you have any questions, let me know.
Thanks for your time, 
Sam Anselm
City Manager

Joplin's Safest Neighborhoods Brought to you by Joplin News First

(64801/64804) -- What are Joplin's safest neighborhoods?  According to crime statistics.  Enjoy this site!  

Was he your neighbor at 4th and Picher?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kids Tell Reporter LIVE! “@#$& her right in the !#$$%!” [EXPLICIT VERSION]

Click Here for [EXPLICIT VERSION] must be over 18 years old and don't get offended!  

Kids Tell Reporter LIVE! “@#$& her right in the !#$$%!” [CLEAN VERSION]

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Tonight the temperatures are dropping again to ZERO!  Here are some important tips to remember when it comes to avoiding frozen pipes that can burst and cost THOU$AND$ OF DOLLAR$ in repairs.
1) BEYOND A DRIP: Turn both the hot and cold sides of your faucets on to a small, small stream (just beyond a drip) to keep the water moving in the pipes - even the hot water side...it actually can freeze first. Due to how the hot water molecules move around.
2) OPEN CABINET DOORS: To help your water lines not freeze under your sinks then you should open up your cabinets under the sink so the warm air inside the house can surround the water lines.
3) HOUSE FOUNDATION: Make sure those vents for the crawl space are closed and if there are any gaps from the outside, block them with anything to keep the wind from carrying the cold air underneath the house. In fact snow piled up against the foundation...it actually acts as insulation and barrier from the wind and cold.
4) FROZEN LINES TAKE A FEW DAYS: Frozen lines may not even happen the first night of major cold air, it generally happens the second or third day as cold water and ice build up in the line(s).
5) TOILETS CAN FREEZE: The supply line to your toilet(s) can freeze too. Be sure to flush your toilet a few times before bed and then during the day.
Problems? Call or Text Johnson Plumbing (417) 438-9162

Monday, January 15, 2018

LIVE! PD TV Show is NOTHING Like #JPDIncidentSpotlight - Don't Try to Compare the Two

LIVE! PD TV Show is NOTHING Like #JPDIncidentSpotlight 
- Don't Try to Compare the Two
(64804/64801) -- In Joplin this is not a tv show we are talking about. #JPDIncidentspotlight is a vague social media post that has been squashed by City Manager, Sam Anselm. This has all come to light since a Sunshine Law request from KOAM TV 7.
In that communication he asked that the JPD stop doing their daily or as-needed #jpdincidentspotlight because it made the city seem like it had a problem with crime. They were quietly stopped December 28, 2017.
Joplin News First friend, Steve, shared this Tulsa story with our staff. Although it's interesting to note that it's a fine legal line to walk when you are doing a LIVE! broadcast with a 5 minute delay. As one reader said today "innocent until proven guilty". Um not many names here that a judge hasn't already put a warrant out with their name on it.
#JPDIncidentSpotlight was a 'vague, nameless, statement that doesn't include names unless there are warrants or dangerous actions which a person would be named'. They helped to inform the public what was happening where we live.
Please note that the only person named below is someone wanted for a 'buttload of crap' as Nacho Libre would say.
SOME EXAMPLES OF THE FORMER #jpdincidentspotlights:
On November 7th at 8:14am one of our officers stopped two males for walking in the middle of the road at 10th and Jackson. One of them, a 31 year old male, was found to have a domestic assault warrant from the city. Once arrested, it was discovered he had a light bulb in his coat pocket that had been transformed for smoking meth. It had burnt meth residue in it. He also had a baggie of meth. Felony Drug charges submitted.
On 10-31-2017 during the course of the evening several officers and detectives worked together to insure that 114 sex offenders in the city limits of Joplin were compliant with the Halloween law pertaining to them. Officers generated 31 reports of possible violations for further investigation and made 3 arrests.
This morning Oct 19 at about 430am Officers were dispatched to the 700 block of West 1st. The resident reported hearing glass breaking to the south and then saw three people leaving the area on bikes. Officers were able to get into the area quickly and located all three people. It was discovered that forced entry had been made at 102 and 108 S. Sergeant. The owner of the properties was contacted. The owner described some of the items she found missing and the items were located on the three people that officers contacted. They were also in possession of a stolen bicycle that had been stolen from the residence at an earlier date. These subjects are also suspects in the bicycle theft at North Middle School yesterday. That investigation is on-going.
On 9-23-17 at 2:39am our officers responded to a suspicious vehicle call at 605 West 25th. Caller said a white pickup truck kept driving back and forth in the apartment complex. Officer located the pickup occupied several times. They arrested the driver, James E Colley, 34, Joplin for a Jasper County Robbery warrant with $500,000 cash bond and a probation and parole warrant with no bond. He was also found to be in possession of approximately 129 grams of meth, other people's identifications and a counterfeit $100 bill. Those new charges resulted in an additional $10,000 cash bond over the weekend. Thank you to the alert citizen for reporting suspicious activity.

Joplin R-8 Cancels School Tuesday - Time to Enjoy a Snow Day!

JPD ENDS EMERGENCY ROAD CONDITIONS: ROADS/WEATHER/CANCELLATIONS - Sponsored by Joplin Tax Service across from Applebee's


This post is sponsored in part by Joplin Tax Service.  Bring: 1) Photo ID 2) SS Card 3) W2's.  Then get $250.00 cash today - 24 Hour FREE local tax questions 417-624-1040

(64804/64801) – The Joplin Police Department say if you are in an accident call police as normal: "The department has lifted this and is returning to normal reporting procedures.  The major roads are mostly clear. However, there are still some hazards on these roads and many of the secondary streets are still snow covered. We encourage drivers to remain cautious and give themselves extra time to reach their destinations."

Hazards: Check pets today!  High temperature is only 9 today, but soak up the sun, open your curtains letting in heat and light.  

Joplin R-8 Schools are cancelled for Tuesday, January 16
Follow 1310 KZRG for the latest cancellations!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Joplin City Hall ENDS JPD Updates - #JPDIncidentSpotlight Obituary - Sign the Petition

(64804/64801) -- In records obtained by our friends at KOAM-TV 7 the Joplin City Hall has asked the Joplin Police Department to end the posts #JPDIncidentSpotlight.  Which was a hashtag story that posted as-needed the update of what was happening in Joplin.

Many Joplin area people are upset and there is a petition being signed now.

#JPDIncidentSpotlight - SIGN THE PETITION

Good luck folks!  If it works let's all sign a petition for eliminating JOPLIN ODOR ISSUES?  Until then?  Let's go to the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Biz Expo in OKLAHOMA!!!!

#JPDIncidentSpotlight Obituary
We remember when you were born at the fingertips of a tweet by Chief Matt Stewart.  At times you were snarky.  You showed no shame in blasting names and addresses and charges of felons.

You were just 132 days old but you grew so quickly.  Some called you 'clickbait' but what were people clicking on?  A chance for police to build a relationship with a new generation of Joplinites.

You told me about a naked man on the corner of 4th and Main - Joplin News First drove by that cold night and realized George Costanza had something in common with that man.

You told me about murders, people on the run, fleeing suspects and informed my family to keep us more safe and secure.  But who wants safe and secure!?!?!

But now you are gone I can wear my rose colored glasses. Joplin crime is gone.  Joplin meth is gone.  The opiate epidemic and problem is gone.  Babies don't die at the hands of mommy's boyfriends.  And Michigan Place Apartments is a gated and wonderful condo community!  #jpdincidentspotlight #joplinpd #joplinnewsfirst

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sidelines Sports Bar Only Gets Paint Scraped

(UPDATE 5:10 pm) -- Joplin Police Department confirm this afternoon that icy road conditions did not play a factor in this 2 vehicle car crash around 4:15 pm. At the time of the crash it was 41°. One vehicle failed to yield to the other vehicle. 2 occupants were transported to area hospitals with minor to moderate injuries," JPD tells Joplin News First exclusively. Many have asked in our LIVE! broadcast if the roads are slick. They are not. This is just a cold rain today in the Joplin area. However further North and East the rain is ice. Today with temperatures well above freezing (41° right now) we have not faced issues of icy roads. However please drive with caution. The National Weather Service Outlook for tonight is that temps will drop into the low 30s but this rain will end aound 8:00 pm. Prepare for a cautious and commute in the morning. On Friday our Joplin Public Works sources assured us they would be spreading sand and salt over the weekend and we assume the same will be happening overnight into the morning commute. ### - - - -exclusive&original&LIVE!- - - - (64804) -- Two vehicle crash this afternoon just after 4:15 at 18th and South Main Street in Joplin. We are awating a call from Joplin Police Department who are currently on the scene. Also Joplin Fire Department arrive as we broadcast LIVE! You can also see the second METS ambulance arrive on the scene during our LIVE! broadcast at the scene on Facebook and www.joplinnewsfirst.com
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Sidelines Sports Bar Nearly Misses 2 Vehicle Car Crash