Friday, September 15, 2017

Team Hope Walk Joplin - Mother & Daughter

(64804) -- Linn grew up in Reno Nevada. Moved to Las Vegas and became a successful esthetician in the posh casino salons. She co-owned salons from Vegas to Nashville but settled in Joplin and opened The White Rhino salon with her husband, Shane. She didn't know waiting in her genetic line was the marker for Huntington's Disease. 

TEAM HOPE WALK JOPLIN, "It's not a 5k or marathon but more of a ceremonial 1 mile walk at Landreth Park", says Ciarra Berkowicz with her mother Linn. "It's really about families, the silent auction and a way to show support to each other."

Huntington's or HD is a genetic disease that is passed through family lines. However most already have children before the typical 40 year old onset.

There is no cure for HD. And the Joplin families that watch their loved ones descend into this 20 year illness come together once a year for the TEAM HOPE WALK JOPLIN.

Please register online so you can pick up your shirt Sept 16 at the walk.

@JoplinNewsFirst wants to remind you they are working hard to find a cure for HD. Every step we make and every dollar we raise takes us one step closer to a cure. Please SHARE and support TEAM HOPE WALK JOPLIN.