Saturday, November 25, 2017

Space Heater Safety Tips for Your Home from Joplin News First

(64804) – “Fire on Willard was ruled accidental due to a space heater,” Deputy Fire Chief Andy Nimmo tells Joplin News First. 


1) Never leave an electric space heater unattended while it is operating. Don't leave it on and leave home.

2) Make sure it is plugged directly into the wall.  If you must use an extension cord it needs to be 14-gauge wire. If it's just a small wire it will cause the wire to get HOT.  Before tripping your breaker in the fuse box it could heat up and start a fire. Never run any cord under a rug either.  

3) Buy the right heater for the space and make sure it has a safety switch. If a child or an animal knocks the heater over then it would turn off automatically.  

4) Some space heaters can make your electric bill go up $75-$100 per month.  They are not energy savers, they are energy suckers.  So bundle up.  Dress in layers during the day.  More blankets at night.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

City of Joplin LEAF PICK-UP Schedule Begins Monday After Thanksgiving

(64801/64804) -- The City of Joplin will start the annual residential leaf pick up program on November 27th , the first Monday after Thanksgiving, weather permitting.

To address all areas of Joplin, the City utilizes three crews which start in outlying areas and work their way toward the center of Joplin. A crew from the Street Department will start in the northeast section of town (Royal Heights/College View Addition areas) and another crew will start in the Silver Creek/Highlands/Woodland Hills area. The Parks Department crew will start south of 32nd Street and west of Main Street. Crews will work toward the middle of town to complete the program.

Weather permitting, this collection could take over one month.

 Residents are reminded not to bag their leaves, but rather rake them to the curb. No tree limbs, brush or rocks should be included in the piles, please. The City asks that residents DO NOT rake leaves into the street, as they may clog the storm drains, and it could cause the City’s street sweeping truck to bypass that area. Please do not place leaf piles over water meters (manhole covers). Doing so may cause Missouri-American Water to estimate your water usage, instead of recording the exact amount for billing purposes.

For residents who wish to dispose of leaves year-round, bring them to the Joplin Compost Facility next to the Turkey Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant at 3457 Eddy Lane, which is west of the intersection of Eddy and North Peace Church Avenue. Please remove leaves from trash bags and take trash bags with you. No brush, tree limbs, bags, or trash, please.


Democrat Claire McCaskill's Town Hall Meeting in Webb City - 1310 NewsTalk KZRG LIVE!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Raising Money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States - Nashville Songwriters at Bicknell Center

Barry Dean Wrote "God's Will" After Staying at Ronald McDonald House in Joplin - Life Changing

Nashville Songwriters Raise Money for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States in Pittsburg

***EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS*** Child Abuse Arrest Made in KC Where Child is 'Critical' Transferred from Joplin to KC

30th Annual Joplin Community Veterans Day Parade - Joplin News First Full Broadcast as Media Sponsor

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nashville Songwriters in Audience Tonight at CMA's - Now See them Saturday at PSU for Ronald McDonald House Benefit

DAV Helps Veterans in Need - Veterans Day is Saturday - Parade Begins at 10:00 am

(64804/64801) — This Saturday is Veterans Day. In Joplin join us downtown at 10am for The 30th Annual Joplin Community Veterans Day Parade.
Joplin News First will broadcast the entire parade LIVE! as a first time to embrace a technology that can bring Veterans together.
Also in that spirit of technology please create a FREE video to honor a veteran in your life. Perhaps someone living or someone who has already passed on...the tribute will only take a few moments. Thank youto our Veterans and thank you DAV for your tireless work to help Vets here in Joplin and across the country.
DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is a 501(c)(3) government recognized not-for-profit organization. They own 2 Thrift Stores in Joplin and 100% of the profits go to Support Veterans with medical items, housing, employment support, mental health needs and/or travel to doctor appointments.

3 Vehicle Car Crash at MO-171 and Pairie Flower Road - Avoid Area if Possible

CMA's (Country Music Awards) are Tonight and See Hit Songwriters on Saturday at PSU

Joplin Salvation Army Christmas Assistance Sign Ups - Walk In to Apply for Angel Tree

Main Street Construction Working Late Hours to Finish Main Street for Veterans Day Parade Saturday

30th Annual Joplin Community Veterans Day Parade - Joplin News First Broadcasts the Parade LIVE!

Nashville Songwriters Night at PSU - Benefits the Ronald McDonald House of the Four States

Joplin Chic-fil-A Installs a Serious Canopy/Drive Thru to Protect from the Elements

Trash Truck Flips Next to Freeman East (Former Oak Hill) No Injuries Traffic Blocked

ONE JOPLIN - Joplin Neighborhoods Map

(64801) -- Joplin News First and our sister page Joplin News Past is excited about the One Joplin initiative to get neighborhood groups communicating on social media for safety and projects just like this sign. 

Communicating regarding: Crime? A lost pet? Celebration? Drug activity? Vacant properties? For Sale properties? Missing children? Stolen items? Illness? 

Knowing the name and boundaries of the place where you live is the first step in building a Joplin community where neighbors thrive together. Much like finding out the name of a new acquaintance, there is something about knowing a place's name, that builds a sense of connection and pride for that place.

Find your neighborhood on the map and see if there is a page created you can join. If not consider starting one. Click Joplin Neighborhoods 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fixer Upper Ends for Chip & Joanna but Target 'Hearth & Hand™ With Magnolia' Releases Sunday

Worlds 2nd Largest Global Clothing Company - H&M Opens in Joplin

(64801) – H&M opened their doors today at the Northpark Mall near JC Penny. And just in time as the busiest shopping season of the year begins. They are open until 9 tonight. Thanks to Joplin News First friend, Chyna, for shooting this video for us!
 WARM 79°  📣 In just 2 months💰 ‘get the max with Joplin Tax Service💵 East 32nd across from Applebee’s 📣
What makes H&M different from other clothing stores? Jessie from Joplin says, “they are very trendy, something you might wear for just a season or two, but they still carry the basics. And the basics they do are good. I have the cutest $12 dress I bought in Kansas City and it wasn’t on sale!”
H&M has a clothing recycle program. If you bring 3 items to recycle you can receive 15% off your purchase. They take the donated clothing and recycle them to make new garments or possibly donate them to a charity.
“Celebrities are often seen wearing H&M showing they are mere mortals just like us.” Huffington Post states, “It just goes to show you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look gorgeous.”
Google ‘celebrity & H&M’ and top of the search are photos including, Kristen Stewart in H&M pants, Michele Williams in an H&M gown, Penelope Cruz in an H&M dress, Solange Knowles in an H&M suit just a few of the trend setters that sport the Swedish clothier.
Keep in mind if you bring clothing to be recycled they need to be in a bag. Also these recycled items can be anything made out of fabric, IE clothes, curtains, table clothes, etc.
H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz with clothing for men, women, teens and children. It operates in 62 countries with over 4,500 stores. It is the second largest global clothing retailer next to Zara.
📣 4 States Yoga and Restoration Center 🙆🏼 is moving down the street to Zora & Rangeline. 💁🏼‍♂️bigger location🙏🏻15% off packages or memberships use code [ joplinnews15 ]📣
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Clocks Fall Back This Weekend - Who's Benny Hinn? What's that Meme Mean?

Benny Hinn frequented Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma during the 80s and 90s with his Faith Healing Crusades where people were slain in the spirit.  

WIKI: Toufik Benedictus "BennyHinn (born 3 December 1952) is an Israeli televangelist, best known for his regular "Miracle Crusades"—revival meeting or faith healing summits that are usually held in stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his television program, This Is Your Day.

On moving to the United States, Hinn traveled to Orlando, Florida, where he founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983. Eventually, he began claiming that God was using him as a conduit for healings, and began holding healing services in his church. These new "Miracle Crusades" were soon held at large stadiums and auditoriums across the United States and the world. During the early 1990s, he launched a new daily talk show called This Is Your Day, which to this day airs clips of supposed miracles from Hinn's Miracle Crusades. The program premiered on the Trinity Broadcasting Network of Paul Crouch, who would become one of Hinn's most outspoken defenders and allies. Hinn's ministry began to rapidly grow from there, winning praise as well as criticism from fellow Christian leaders.

In 1999, he stepped down as pastor of the Orlando Christian Center, moving his ministry's administrative headquarters to Grapevine, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth, while hosting This Is Your Day from a television studio in Orange County, California, where he now lives with his family. His former church was renamed Faith World Church under the leadership of Clint Brown, who merged his Orlando church with Hinn's.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

H&M Opens in Joplin - Fast & Trendy Fashion - $12 Dress? YES. Bring in Any Old Garment for Discounts

Seat Belts 'Save MO Lives' and Keep This Overturned Driver on Maiden Lane From an Ambulance Ride

NYC Terriorist Suspect Who Killed 8 People Was Ticketed Just 2 hours & 45 Minutes From Joplin

(64801/64804) -- Last year 2 hours and 45 minutes away from Joplin, yesterday's New York City terrorist suspect got ticketed as a truck driver.

The terrorist suspect would have driven through Joplin as he worked for a private trucking company based in Florida traveling all over the Midwest.

He was ticketed in 2015 and had to appear in court in Platte City County Court in 2016. He never appeared in court. Fees were paid through mail and a bond was applied. Platte City is 10 minutes from Kansas City International Airport.

He also had numerous other tickets in Nebraska and Eastern Missouri from our research. 🙁 #NYCTerroristAttack

SOURCE in part KMBC 9 News Kansas City. LIVE: Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd discusses a traffic violation involving the NYC terror suspect.

(Platte City, MO - 64079) -- The Missouri State Highway Patrol confirms the suspect in yesterday's attack along a New York City bike trail that killed 8 people was ticketed in the Kansas City area last year.

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov was driving a 2006 Freightliner tractor trailer at the scale house on I-29 in Platte County, Missouri on December 15, 2016.

Troopers said he was issued a ticket for having bad brakes on the commercial truck he was driving. He was released after repairing the issue.

Saipov is suspected of a terrorist attack in which he reportedly plowed down pedestrians on a bike path in lower Manhattan while driving a rented truck.

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