Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Haz-Mat Incident at Ajinomoto Windsor - ONE News Source Reported LIVE! & First

(64804) -- Our Joplin News First tipsters alerted us to this possible HAZ-MAT situation. It was told to us a heavy acid smell was observed in one of the sewage buildings. No reports of injuries while we were on the scene but depending upon wind directions and if there was a spill it would be determined in part by the Department of Natural Resources if anything contaminated the soil and/or runoff made it into an area creek.
Now on Tuesday morning official word from the Joplin Fire Department regarding an acid spill of 5-10 gallons "some point" in the day?
A dangerous situation avoided this time.  This all happened moments after the Joplin City Council Meeting where the Joplin ODOR ISSUES Group presented concerns.  
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March 6, 2018
SUBJECT:      Haz-Mat Incident at Ajinomoto Windsor                  
CONTACT:    James Furgerson, Fire Chief, Joplin Fire Department
On Monday, March 5, 2018, the Joplin Fire Department responded to a report of a fire alarm at Ajinomoto Windsor, 3131 S. Quail Ave. The first arriving crew arrived on scene at 9:29 PM and they were met by Plant representative advising of a possible chemical release in the wastewater treatment building. After further investigation it was determined that approximately 5-10 gallons of sulfuric acid had been spilled on the ground at some point during the day. It began giving off vapors in the building. Crews were able to ventilate the building and the company took over the scene from there.
At no time was there any danger to the public or employees. The Company did an outstanding job of making sure there were no issues or further hazards.
There were no injuries to civilians or firefighting crews.
The Fire Department responded with 5 units and 15 personnel. The Fire Department was assisted by Joplin Police Department and METS Ambulance Service.                       
For more information, contact the Joplin Fire Department at 623-0403 or 624-0820, ext. 1300.