Thursday, June 13, 2019


Recent rains last month in Joplin area surprised many with never-before-seen flash flooding. One rural Carl Junction resident who lives along Turkey Creek had high water, which isn’t too out of the ordinary for Spring. But what they saw as the water started receding was something they hadn’t seen. 

A coffin, a real coffin. 

The family are friends of Joplin News First and asked to remain private. But allowed us to share their photos. 

They said it was too far out in the rushing water to get to it, but they could see the lid was moved a little, and something, or someone was inside it. 

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office was called and so was the Jasper County coroner. 

It just seemed unbelievable, where did it come from? It was still too far out in the rushing water to examine closely. 

The coroner then remembered a new coffin being sold as a prop for a spook house. A picture confirmed that this was most likely that coffin. 

The Belleville Spook Cave is about a 1/2 mile up river from where their prop coffin had floated.

It is a REAL coffin however!  Look for the spook cave to open again this fall on Foxtrot Lane rural Carl Junction.  It's flooded before and they've lost some items but the important ones always come back!