Thursday, November 9, 2017

ONE JOPLIN - Joplin Neighborhoods Map

(64801) -- Joplin News First and our sister page Joplin News Past is excited about the One Joplin initiative to get neighborhood groups communicating on social media for safety and projects just like this sign. 

Communicating regarding: Crime? A lost pet? Celebration? Drug activity? Vacant properties? For Sale properties? Missing children? Stolen items? Illness? 

Knowing the name and boundaries of the place where you live is the first step in building a Joplin community where neighbors thrive together. Much like finding out the name of a new acquaintance, there is something about knowing a place's name, that builds a sense of connection and pride for that place.

Find your neighborhood on the map and see if there is a page created you can join. If not consider starting one. Click Joplin Neighborhoods