Saturday, November 25, 2017

Space Heater Safety Tips for Your Home from Joplin News First

(64804) – “Fire on Willard was ruled accidental due to a space heater,” Deputy Fire Chief Andy Nimmo tells Joplin News First. 


1) Never leave an electric space heater unattended while it is operating. Don't leave it on and leave home.

2) Make sure it is plugged directly into the wall.  If you must use an extension cord it needs to be 14-gauge wire. If it's just a small wire it will cause the wire to get HOT.  Before tripping your breaker in the fuse box it could heat up and start a fire. Never run any cord under a rug either.  

3) Buy the right heater for the space and make sure it has a safety switch. If a child or an animal knocks the heater over then it would turn off automatically.  

4) Some space heaters can make your electric bill go up $75-$100 per month.  They are not energy savers, they are energy suckers.  So bundle up.  Dress in layers during the day.  More blankets at night.

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