Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Shannon Becker and Joplin News First, now exclusively now on KOAM NEWS NOW (KOAM/CBS-7 & KJFX/FOX-14)


I wanted those who follow my page that I accepted an offer at KOAM News Now (KOAM/CBS 7 and KJFX/FOX 14). That’s where you can find Joplin News First articles from now on.

Joplin News First marked 5 years this month and we are not changing now. With our new “home” nothing will be different in how I cover stories. I’ll still be out in the Joplin region keeping us all informed on what is happening.

Our most-recent articles are there now, set a bookmark on your 

Oh and all the tipsters are still with me too 😉
Shannon Becker was born and raised in Joplin and began in radio before graduating from Joplin Senior High in 1990. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Missouri Southern State University (1994). Before launching Joplin News First five years ago he worked in television and radio, overlapping a career in the music industry. Working with major music artists for 20 years, garnering gold and platinum records to his credit. In news he has broke the top stories of the past five years including a Joplin wife who kept her husband in a freezer for more than a year after his death of natural causes. Each of the past 3 years Joplin News First has had more than 12-million minutes of breaking news video viewed online. At his former station the week ending October 15, 2021, he was the weeks top author in the 200-station group with 600K pageviews to his byline with all local content. It’s been said Shannon is a highly-sourced reporter who regularly breaks crime stories before anyone else in the area. He comes to KOAM 7 News Now-CBS/FOX (Morgan-Murphy Media) with more than 30 years in media and entertainment. He previously worked for KOAM. He has five children and two grandchildren. He has more than 80K social media followers on FB/IG/Twitter. You can find him easily Joplin News First You can set a bookmark and read his articles now at