Monday, October 30, 2017

ATTN: Joplin ODOR Issues Group - We Need Your input on the Poop Dumping

(64804/64801) -- We know an issue has been the City of Joplin dumping HUMAN WASTE stinking up the AIR SHOW. Anyone have any specifics to mention?
I have also heard people say that they've seen dumping in the middle of the night and also around other areas of town? Can you be specific in comments below?  
We have to have REAL people and REAL information if we are going to attend this public meeting. Zev and I are thinking about attending this meeting but we'd need some personal information from residents of Joplin.
This meeting is Thursday so you need to reply in the next few days please...

From the City of Joplin:
Agenda for the Regular Meeting
Thursday | November 2, 2017 | 11:30 a.m.
Joplin City Hall | 602 South Main Street | Joplin | Missouri
Fifth Floor Conference Room
1. Roll Call
2. Approval of August 3, 2017 Minutes
3. New Business
a. David Hertzberg, Public Works Director – residential trash/recycling franchise contract reporting requirements
b. Tiffany Elam, Joplin Globe newspaper digital tactics for curbside recycling
c. Mary Anne Phillips, America Recycles Day events
4. Old Business
a. Curbside Recycling Updates
5. Other Business
6. Set Next Meeting Date for February 2, 2018
Notice posted at 8:00 am on this the 30th day of October 2017
(RsMO § 610.020)