Saturday, October 14, 2017

Jasper Products History - How is Your Health?

This is a post from the @Joplin ODOR Issues Group on Facebook. 

Anyone have lung issues, breaking out in hives or rashes, chronic fatigue flared up since these PUTRID stench(es) have plagued Joplin?  Let's keep in mind that Jasper Products HAVE received their 3rd ODOR violation now (Oct 12).  

But they still are allowed to operate and are dumping their waste into the City of Joplin Sewers.  It is now a known fact that the vapors from the sewers are what is smelling up the town.  And the City all along have known this and have allowed the sewers to be used and these odors permeate the City.  But the City is blaming weather patterns????  Unacceptable.  

Jasper Products is the same company that allowed their employees to contract BRONCHIOLITIS OBLITERANS aka POPCORN LUNG by working with and being exposed to 'butter popcorn flavoring' in their Jasper MO plant in the 90s.  Sadly these employees never can get rid of this chronic disease.  Not even through lung transplants.  It's been more than 10 years so we are not sure of the mobidity of these Jasper Products employees/victims.  

But since Jasper Products paid out the $20+ million in lawsuits and closed that plant - they weren't financially ruined-NO!!!!  The City of Joplin and the Joplin Chamber of Commerce welcomed them to Joplin!!!  Perhaps to destroy our health here?  These are the same owners. 

State Sen Ron Richard, State Rep Bill White and Joplin Chamber of  Commerce applaud Jasper Products recently for their expansion in Joplin too. — wondering about your health?