Sunday, October 1, 2017

Eyewitnesses Say Shots Fired Related to Park...


-Eyewitnesses Say ‘Related to Parr Hill Shooting
-JPD SWAT TEAM Activated 
-Public Advised to Avoid This Area and/or Stay Inside 

(64801) -- Joplin Police Department acting on known information went to a residence at 1414 West 5th Street seeking a juvenile suspect in the Parr Hill Park shooting yesterday.  

Upon arriving at the residence around 5:45 pm they came upon the juvenile and received gunfire as the juvenile attempted to flee.  Joplin Police officers responded in defense.  

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The entire area from 4th and Maiden Lane to 7th and Maiden Lane was cordoned off as JPD quickly took him into custody without injury to anyone.  As Joplin News First observes firsthand JPD SWAT was activated and they were suited in full tactical gear with rifles in hand.  

It was determined that there could be another person inside the home, 1414 W 5th St.  In Part 1 Joplin News First is the first reporter on the scene with breaking news, thank you to our tips from our amazing followers: Cheyenne H, Davis R, Delisa, Greg McP and others we might have missed.  

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(64801) — Joplin Police Department are advising the public to avoid the area along Maiden Lane from 2nd to 7th.

It’s an active Police situation.  Firsthand JPD can be seen with rifles in hand combing the neighborhood.  

Eyewitnesses at the scene are saying this is related to the Parr Hill Park shooting incident yesterday afternoon. Possibly a police standoff with a suspect on 5th street. 

Police activity is getting very heavy. Officer seen with rifles. Joplin fire department and EMS are on standby down the street.