Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sidelines Sports Bar Only Gets Paint Scraped

(UPDATE 5:10 pm) -- Joplin Police Department confirm this afternoon that icy road conditions did not play a factor in this 2 vehicle car crash around 4:15 pm. At the time of the crash it was 41°. One vehicle failed to yield to the other vehicle. 2 occupants were transported to area hospitals with minor to moderate injuries," JPD tells Joplin News First exclusively. Many have asked in our LIVE! broadcast if the roads are slick. They are not. This is just a cold rain today in the Joplin area. However further North and East the rain is ice. Today with temperatures well above freezing (41° right now) we have not faced issues of icy roads. However please drive with caution. The National Weather Service Outlook for tonight is that temps will drop into the low 30s but this rain will end aound 8:00 pm. Prepare for a cautious and commute in the morning. On Friday our Joplin Public Works sources assured us they would be spreading sand and salt over the weekend and we assume the same will be happening overnight into the morning commute. ### - - - -exclusive&original&LIVE!- - - - (64804) -- Two vehicle crash this afternoon just after 4:15 at 18th and South Main Street in Joplin. We are awating a call from Joplin Police Department who are currently on the scene. Also Joplin Fire Department arrive as we broadcast LIVE! You can also see the second METS ambulance arrive on the scene during our LIVE! broadcast at the scene on Facebook and
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