Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Tonight the temperatures are dropping again to ZERO!  Here are some important tips to remember when it comes to avoiding frozen pipes that can burst and cost THOU$AND$ OF DOLLAR$ in repairs.
1) BEYOND A DRIP: Turn both the hot and cold sides of your faucets on to a small, small stream (just beyond a drip) to keep the water moving in the pipes - even the hot water side...it actually can freeze first. Due to how the hot water molecules move around.
2) OPEN CABINET DOORS: To help your water lines not freeze under your sinks then you should open up your cabinets under the sink so the warm air inside the house can surround the water lines.
3) HOUSE FOUNDATION: Make sure those vents for the crawl space are closed and if there are any gaps from the outside, block them with anything to keep the wind from carrying the cold air underneath the house. In fact snow piled up against the foundation...it actually acts as insulation and barrier from the wind and cold.
4) FROZEN LINES TAKE A FEW DAYS: Frozen lines may not even happen the first night of major cold air, it generally happens the second or third day as cold water and ice build up in the line(s).
5) TOILETS CAN FREEZE: The supply line to your toilet(s) can freeze too. Be sure to flush your toilet a few times before bed and then during the day.
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