Monday, December 4, 2017

The Children’s Center NAP TAX CREDIT Printable Information Sheet

(64804/64801) — The Children’s Center of SWMO need your financial donation as they increase their monthly budget and pay for this new building that doubles their size.

Please print this NAP TAX CREDIT information sheet and share it with your tax preparer or financial advisor about a larger donation. 

For larger donors you can take advantage of the NAP TAX CREDIT. Let's say you owe $1,000 in income tax to the state of MO for 2017. 

- Make a donation of $500 supporting the Children's Center.

- Because of the donation, you receive a 50% NAP tax credit from the state of MO and now you have $250 in credits that you can use to reduce your taxes.

- In essence you reduce the amount of taxes you owe from $1,000 to $750 with your donation 

NAP is the Neighborhood Assistance Program