Sunday, June 17, 2018


ACTUAL RADIO AUDIO|BEHIND THE SCENES • NOTE: Audio is not real-time with video. Audio is edited for length only and ease of listening. (64804) -- Joplin Fire Department controlled this fire quickly. Near 21st and Willard this is about 5 blocks north of Cecil Floyd Grade School and right across the street from Joplin Heights Baptist Church. The temperature was 90 at 11:30 am but feeling more like 100. What does it feel like to a firefighter? 160! "Firefighters must be fully encapsulated while battling a blaze –- not a single speck of skin can be exposed to the blistering temperatures. Under the suit, a firefighter's core body temperature, on a hot day, can reach 160 degrees at a fire site." - Joplin News First friend (see in comments) - - - -LIVE!§sponsors- - - - Gardner Express Care, 1701 West 26th, need primary care health? And you have no insurance? Visit anytime - no appointment needed. Crossroads Chevrolet Cadillac, they are closed today but you can see what's on the lot and get your VIP Experience Appointment for tomorrow!
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